Picture this…

You’ve just been promoted and now you’ve become a manager at your company (or director or CTO) You love your job. You’re good at your job. And your team is doing great too!

Or are they?

As time goes on, you realize that productivity levels are going down, and morale is going right down with it. After some lengthy discussions with the people up top, someone finally realizes that this downward trend is happening across the entire company!

Enter: Pulse.



What is Pulse?

Our app is a record keeping and tracking tool. Managers can regularly receive feedback and monitor how their team members did in the past. Following up with employees frequently ultimately improves manager/employee relationships and helps leaders become better leaders.

On a higher level, as more managers and teams use it, this app gives users a “pulse” of their company by measuring how the employees are doing, namely: are they happy? are they engaged? and how manageable is their workload?

Pulse makes it easy to gauge the health of a company at a glance.


I just signed up for a Pulse account, but I don’t see anything when I log in to the app. What am I supposed to do?

Welcome to Pulse! To customize your experience, you can add or remove modules via the Manage Modules button at the bottom of each page.


How do I populate the Pulse graphs?

The Pulse graphs automatically get populated with the survey data (Happiness, Engagement, Workload) from your meetings.


Why do my team and company graphs look so sparse? 

The graphs only show data from the last 30 days, as well as only one bar max. for each team member.


What are those icons below each employee on the Team Members module?

Those icons represent the most recent survey data (Happiness, Engagement, Workload) for that employees: green for good, yellow for neutral, and red for poor.


How do I delete my Pulse account?

We’re so sad to see you go. If you would like to delete your account, please email us – we’d love to have your feedback.


Send us an email to provide feedback, ask questions, or report bugs.